The eyes are the windows of the soul, then the eyebrows are the frame of this window. The good eyebrows can well modify the entire face. Appropriate trimming and care will make you look cleaner and neat. Here are 5 essential eyebrow care tools.

1. Shaving eyebrows: Shaving the eyebrows is also called eyebrow shaping. The eyebrow shaping knife can help remove excess eyebrows, leaving no traces, the knife head is small and easy to grasp, and can effectively trim your eyebrows. The eyebrow shaping knife is suitable for large areas. Trimming excess eyebrows does not pull the skin, causing pain (the downside is that the removed eyebrows will grow back quickly)

2. scorpion: Another tool you must have is the scorpion, the function is almost the same as the eyebrow shaping knife, the scorpion is more suitable for small areas to remove excess eyebrows (the disadvantage is that it will pull the skin, there is pain), it is recommended to use the angle of inclination, compare Not easy to clip the eyelids

3. Eyebrow scissors: Many girls have eyebrows that are messy and vary in length. At this time, you need to cut your eyebrows. When trimming, it is best to align the knife horizontally and trim the long eyebrows one by one.

4, eyebrow brush: This multi-function brush is relatively hard, can help straighten the eyebrows trend, make the messy eyebrows docile. Another effect is to brush off the excess eyebrow powder on the eyebrows, making the eyebrows look more natural and vivid.

5, mascara: This tool is really simple and effective, so do not throw away the old mascara, it can help you sort out the messy eyebrows. If you want to last a long time, you can apply some hair spray or Vaseline on the mascara brush, which will make your eyebrows look thick and tidy.

6, Eyelash Tweezers: Many girls have eyebrows that are messy. At this time, you need to pull your eyebrows with high quality hygiene Eyelash Tweezers


1 After taking a hot bath or steaming noodles, start to pluck eyebrows, which can reduce the pain of plucking eyebrows.

2 Try to trim your eyebrows in a place close to natural light, which can reduce the rate of eyebrow correction.

3 Don’t use a magnifying glass to fix your eyebrows, because you will get more and more unconsciously, and it will easily become bare.

4 The hair between the eyebrows and under the eyebrows should be removed. It is best not to pluck the hairs above the eyebrows.

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