Choosing a uniform for a biker

Choosing a uniform for a biker

While riding a motorcycle, a person is open to all winds, so uniforms are perhaps the most important thing for a biker after his favorite “iron horse”. Starting a biker career is recommended with the choice of special uniforms, suitable for the season. For autumn and winter – leather, for summer and spring – textiles. Motorcycle gloves, pants, motorcycle shoes are designed to protect people from negative factors and situations that arise on the roads, they are sewn from materials of increased strength. In addition, jackets, pants and shoes “reinforced” protective inserts.

High-quality Motorkleding jackets not only protect the motorcyclist, but also give additional aerodynamics while driving on a motorcycle. A helmet protects the most vulnerable part of the human body – the head. Helmets are available in three versions – open, modular and integral.

Motorcycle overalls are invented for motorcycle professionals to protect the entire body from neck to toe. A complete set of biker outfits is not cheap, almost like a motorcycle, but the costs are worth it – protection and safety on the road is most important.

Motorcycle first – the most faithful

An analysis of feedback from experienced motorcyclists shows that a novice biker as a first motorcycle is best to take a supported, budget bike with an engine capacity from 125 cube / s to 250 cube / s and age not older than 15 years. Why exactly these requirements, we now explain.

Buying a low-price motorcycle bike as the first “iron horse” reduces the following risks to a minimum:

  • Hit in an accident . Relatively low power will forgive the beginner’s mistakes and will not strive to accelerate above the permissible speed, which significantly increases driving safety on such a motorcycle.
  • Cash costs . The undersized motorcycles consume 2-3 times less fuel from their more powerful counterparts, and 3-4 times less than the average car, which is very pleasant with the current gasoline prices. On motorcycles of this class is relatively cheap insurance, vehicle tax and inspection. Such motorcycles are less expensive to maintain, and due to the popularity of spare parts for them are always available, both in stores and in disassembly.
  • Liquidity things . Buying an inexpensive popular motorcycle, you can easily sell it in the shortest possible time, when you want to buy another one, or simply by getting rid of it, if you realize that this is not your hobby. But to sell a more expensive bike for its real price will be much more difficult.

Thus, with minimal risk, you will get the experience you need to go to the next moto class or you realize that the motorcycle as a transport does not suit you, but at the same time you will lose a minimum of money for the purchase and design of a motorcycle and keep yourself on the roads using unfamiliar technology.

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