Google launches new project to support local news sites, saying it wants to expand to the world

Google launches new project to support local news sites, saying it wants to expand to the world

On March 26th, Google announced the launch of its new GNI Local Experiments Project, which plans to support dozens of local news sites in the United States to help local news sites “test new business models.”

This is part of Google’s Google News Initiative (GNI), a news site support project launched in March 2018. According to the plan at the time, Google plans to invest $300 million through the GNI project.

Google’s new project focuses on local news, local, community-based news services. The US listed company McClatchy is the first participant in Google’s new project. The company manages 29 local daily newspapers in 14 states, including The Kansas City Star, The Miami Herald, The Charlotte Observer, and more.

On the official website of Google, Craig Forman, president and CEO of McClatchy, wrote an article explaining the cooperation between the two parties.

McClatchy launched the new project The Compass Experiment, which plans to launch three new local digital news services within three years with the goal of “providing local news content for small and medium-sized communities in the United States that do not have a large amount of local news resources.”

According to the news website Axios , McClatchy plans to select three cities with a population of less than 500,000 to launch these digital news services, possibly by recruiting talents to write news content locally. According to Craig Forman, CEO of McClatchy, the local news is the worst in these less populated cities, but it also has a stronger sense of community.

It is unclear what new digital news services McClatchy has planned. McClatchy has not given more information on The Compass Experiment ‘s website.

Google primarily provides financial support in its partnership with McClatchy. Richard Gingras, Google’s vice president of news, said : “We will invest millions of dollars in this new project.” Google does not participate in the news content editing of McClatchy’s new service, and has no say in the editorial guidelines.

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