How does global aesthetics and localized sales shape the luxury industry today?

Mini Le Chiquito is the hottest bag of this fall and winter fashion week in Paris. It is only 5.2 centimeters long and can’t be inserted even with a credit card. Many people sitting in the show finished the Instagram, only to notice that the model originally held such a thing: the body is trapezoidal, purple, red, orange and multi-color optional; can be broken into the hand, you can also use your finger Live in the small handle; the lower right corner is embroidered with the letter J, the abbreviation of the French designer brand Jacquemus.

Guessing what it can do is a pleasure. “What would you fit inside?” (What will you put inside?), after the show on February 25th, the Jacquemus official account issued this question. Tens of thousands of people came to answer: dental floss, nail tablets, enzyme tablets, and a pair of hairs from Jude. Soon, this mini bag was made into “Meme” – “It can hold all my budget” “Today I am patient with everyone here.”

Two days later, the topic “Jacquemus mini package” also appeared on Weibo, with 18.491 million readings. On Taobao, the same paragraph with a price of more than 100 yuan has appeared.

It doesn’t matter how many people buy this bag. What’s important is that it has caught the attention of fashion lovers around the world at an extremely fast rate. It’s not even a trend leader, but a terminator – since Fendi’s fist-sized Peekaboo bag was named Vogue’s annual “it bag” in 2015 , the mini-pack has become a reality. Before the advent of this finger bag, the media talked about the bags that could be hung on the chest and the people who were hanging on the chest.

Which one is the bag? It doesn’t matter if this issue matters. If you want to copy the style of fashion hipsters, someone will quickly release their full-body brand labels and then tell you the price tag. Regardless of financial constraints, the e-commerce company will deliver the goods to you at the fastest speed.

Or someone wants to change it, not to do stupid things with the same bag, but just like this casual young style. Ta is also completely looking for alternatives: minimalist, functional or fast-moving models. The point is that, like many people in the world, Ta accepts the possibility of hanging a bag around his neck.

Finger packs, just push these to the extreme. It does not lack imitators, nor does it lack topics.

The topic is the light of life in today’s fashion industry, the fire of desire, or the sales engine. Thanks to social networks and opinion leaders, today’s audience of a fashion topic is borderless, regardless of class, regardless of age. The important thing is the style, the style determines the circle, within the circle, under the universal sky, it is the kingdom.

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