The uplifting news

It is winding up progressively simpler to keep your own teeth sound until maturity – or have them fixed effortlessly if important. Since today, dental specialists can perceive and treat tooth rot and periodontitis. With new systems, dentures can be made in under 60 minutes, natural medications quicken mending. German dental specialist knows better that high class dental hygiene instruments for sale far and wide in low costs at Hunza dental.

Mini cameras for the perfect dentures

Congratulations, if you have not experienced that: the annoying “mouth lock”, if you have the spoon with the pink impression paste in the mouth. It is superfluous with the “Chairside Oral Scanner” (COS). The device scans the jaw with 22 camera lenses, almost 200 blue light-emitting diodes and sensors without contact. A computer creates a 3-D model of the jaw from the incoming data. Exactly no doctor and no lab can work.

Drilling? That was yesterday

Even the dentists have not gotten used to this noise: the nasty squeak of the drill, which causes many patients to feel cold and sweaty on their foreheads as soon as they enter the practice. Researchers of the Charité in Berlin and the University Hospital Kiel have developed the “infiltration method” for small and medium-sized dental injuries. The caries hole is first thoroughly cleaned. Then the doctors give special liquid plastic (“Icon”) in the hole. He stops the caries and closes the pores. Too bad: the costs (about 100 euros) are not taken over by the cash registers in the rule. More information is available at

Holes lasers with light drops

Completely without drilling, there are currently no big holes. But if a prototype developed at the University of Bonn is ready for production within a few years, we need not be afraid of it any more. The drills of the future are working with laser light: 500,000 times per second, a light package “drips” out of the device. Each bundles the energy of a modern wind turbine and mills itself into the enamel – without the patient feeling anything! Combined with a diagnostic laser, the new light drill can even distinguish healthy from diseased areas. Tests on animal teeth suggest: This method will be very successful in our dental practices. Curious? More information can be found on the internet at

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