Web development or setting up new websites must be thought out

“Hello Mr. Dark. I need a new website. Urgent. How fast is that? And most of all, how much does that cost? “” I like it, I calculate after hours, or on a project basis. Without further information, I can only calculate very bad in advance. What exactly do you need? “” Yes, can not be so expensive, right? Do not have much in it. What must go? No idea. Have no content! “

Unbelievable what they read there? Yes, that’s true – but unfortunately true. There are always entrepreneurs who do not know how to present themselves or their product. These entrepreneurs are also mostly convinced that advertising and marketing measures of any kind are totally superfluous and overpriced. “The product is so good that it speaks for itself. But website or a web development must be unfortunately, right? “

Professional web development is not free. Especially not in vain.

As a rule, I tell the entrepreneurs who think so because there is absolutely no basis for cooperation. These people lack a basic understanding. And missionary work is not part of my job. Good work costs money. Is so! Although there are portals on which logos / websites, etc. for an Appel and an egg are sold, but that the quality of the work offered there is usually bad to very bad, I do not have to mention. In addition, such portals do not do justice to the creative process necessary to create a logo. The conception and realization of a unique, thoughtful and durable logo takes time. Time that costs money. Although this process is difficult to standardize and must always be negotiated individually.

Before I get into anything, I prefer to come back to my actual topic, ie “Web Development: 5 Tips for Websites”. 5 tips that should be taken into account, because “website must be unfortunately”. If we take a step back and remember why a website needs to be, we quickly realize that it has something useful to offer the visitor. If your site does not even meet this basic requirement, this problem should be resolved first. Then you can take care of how your web design or your web development continues and how you want to present your content at all. Best in appetizing cuts and appetizers. This means you can certainly provide a lot of text. The structure is decisive.

But here are the 5 tips for a professional web development:

1. Interaction

Once you’ve looked around the web, you find that on most successful websites, visitors can do much more than just switch from one page to another. If you want to keep visitors and make a page more interesting, you should give them the opportunity to somehow get involved. This can be provided by allowing comments, rating, or writing recommendations.

2. Media diversity

The internet has many advantages and one of them is that you can offer many different media on one page. So you can write news in texts, blogs or publish videos. The technical enhancements of our time should be used in any case. You can put a short movie on YouTube, social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn embed. But always value the brand’s recognition value. However, one should pay attention with so many channels that the website is not overloaded.

3. Pictograms or icons

Pictograms are small illustrations that have a sense and stand for something specific – eg a picture of the trash can stands for deleted contents. Icons should look good and make it easier for visitors to reach their destination. It can process pictures or symbols much faster than text. However, it is necessary that he also understands the icon and can assign it. Otherwise, pictograms are pretty, but absolutely pointless.

4. Click Redundancy

Keep as few clicks as possible between the visitor and the information he seeks. This is very important. The more often you ask your visitors to click around on your page, the sooner they will disappear. This does not mean that you should squeeze all content on a page, because even the scrolling should not take too long. Usually, your information should not be larger than two screen sizes. Very long articles (more than 6-7 screen sizes) should then be placed on separate pages.

5. Wanted and found

Intricate and nested menus are true mazes for visitors: better: prefer multiple navigation bars. So the inclined visitor also immediately sees what awaits him on your pages. But if the visitor gets lost, he prefers to start from scratch. So make it easy for your visitors to do so. Even if you have a clickable logo on top of each page, make sure it also has a text along the way, such as “home page,” because some visitors may not immediately understand that the logo is leading them back to the homepage

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